With over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate and development, the principals of Sharp Capital have built an impressive portfolio that showcases retail centers, offices, industrial properties, and multi-family residential.

The combination of rare market insight and extensive real estate experience is what allows Sharp to successfully identify undervalued properties or land, and maximize profit potential through ground-up development, capital improvements, and active management and/or disposition.

As a family investment group with institutional quality assets under ownership and development, Sharp is not subject to the general limitations of traditional investors. By investing personal capital, Sharp has developed the ability to quickly and efficiently close transactions in as little as 7 days. This swiftness of commitment gives sellers and brokers a sense of security that is critical in today’s shifting market.


Sharp Capital aims to make a positive impact on every community by specializes in transforming undeveloped land and distressed properties into profitable, community-enhancing developments. By developing and renovating neglected properties, Sharp has been able to drastically improve and enhance the surrounding neighborhoods and connect the past, present, and future.

Sharp Capital’s innovative and creative approach to property development takes several key factors into account: identifying promising locations, evaluating potential market values, and arranging for adequate funding. This strategy enhances local communities by providing fertile investment opportunities for present and future developments.

The successful implementation of Sharp Capital’s investment strategies is best showcased by its award-winning development, “The Coliseum Center,” the winner of the 2007 Los Angeles Business Journal Real Estate Award.


Over the last 30 years, Sharp Capital has actively participated in every area of the real estate market. As a full service real estate company, Sharp has perfected a decision-making framework that maximizes the value of its assets over an extended period of time.

Sharp’s properties benefit from the far-reaching vision of its principle team and their ability to make the right choices when it counts. This includes the ability to fully evaluate the fundamental aspects of a property while considering special conditions, circumstances, and upside potential.

In addition to Sharp’s vision and real estate expertise, the company’s team of experienced professionals takes great pride in offering services that have proven successful time and time again.